EVCom Client

EVCom Client 1.21

It allows users to send/retrieve text commentary to the OutlookSoft database
1.21.05 (See all)

EVCom Client is a custom solution that allows users to send and retrieve text commentary to the OutlookSoft database. This solution contains components on the client and server, which work in conjunction with the Outlooksoft components to retrieve comments rather than data.

Main Functions :

- The EvCom function is designed to send and retrieve comments from the database, like EVSND.
- The EVCGT function retrieves comments from the database, like EVGET. The keys for submission and retrieval are the same as those to submit and retrieve data values, so that each comment is associated with a particular current view (CVW) in the application.
- The EVComNeedsRefresh function returns TRUE if the user needs to Refresh Comments, false if the comments are up-to-date for the current view.

What does it do? During retrieve, it retrieves a text comment based on the specified members, and the remaining members in your current view (CVW). During send, it sends the value specified in CommentRange. If the option “Within Cell” is used, the comment is read from/written to the Comment cell. If the option “As Excel Popup” is selected, the comment is read from/written to an Excel comment associated with the Comment cell.

Example : EvCom($D11, "Budgeting","Sales","NorthAmerica","Jan.2002","Actual")
Result : “North American Sales exceeded expectations” is returned from the database, and cell $D1 has an Excel popup comment which says “North American Sales exceeded expectations”

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